What is Coeur de Normandy ?

Normandy, a land of excellence

Animal Welfare

Industrial Know-how

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Our Commitments

Our promise

Our Promise

Cœur de Normandy guarantees you 100% « made in Normandy » products :

In the heart of the know-how of a region known and recognised for its excellence.

It's a brand that loves you and proves it by offering you quality products, made by passionate craftsmen ! 

It is a brand that you will love: tasting Coeur de Normandy products means taking care of yourself, pampering yourself !

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Our Values

Animal welfare, safety, quality and sustainability are the values that drive Coeur de Normandy.

Animal welfare :  In human-sized farms, producers fully care their cows - around 85 per farm. Cows spend most of the year grazing on mineral and micro-nutrient-rich soils which provide a diversified feed. 

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Our Identity

Coeur de Normandy has a strong identity with local roots, expressed through 4 key symbols.

The cows : Essential for us, they are both our mascots, and they give their excellent milk for our products.



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Our Know-how

The expertise of the cooperative "Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin" is demonstrated by the green pastures where we raise our cows and our state-of-the-art industrial facilities, all of which leads to superior quality milk.

We have been raising our cows in the traditional way for generations. They benefit from an exceptional living environment and feed that gives the milk a unique and authentic taste.

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Our Ingredients

At Coeur de Normandy we attach great importance to the development of our recipes, in order to ensure the taste and nutritional quality of our products.

Recipes are developed according 3 priorities :

Unique taste :  Delicious and tasty products to treat yourself and to share .... or not!

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Coeur de Normandy is a brand that belongs to the cooperative "Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin".

A typical land of breeding, the Cotentin and our breeders ensure our cows welfare on a day-to-day basis; besides, each cow is called by its first name! That is how our cows provide a rich milk filled with love with a unique taste.


Our products