Coeur de Normandy is a brand that belong to les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin.

Coeur de Normandy guarantee products «made in Normandy» from the Cotentin Peninsula located between land and sea. If Normandy is the land of excellence for dairy products, the Cotentin peninsula brings a very unique touch to our Norman culture.

Discover our range: milk, infant milk, flavoured milk, ambient yoghurt drink, butter and cream.

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Animal welfare, safety, quality and sustainability are our core values at Coeur de Normandy.

Animal Welfare : In human-sized farms, producers fully care their cows - around 85 per farm. Cows spend most of the year grazing on mineral and micro-nutrient-rich soils which provide a diversified feed. They live by the sea and under a mild and humid climate such a privileged environment to perfectly grow up. Their welfare is one of the secrets to obtain quality milk.

Food safety guarantee : We guarantee full traceability of our products from milk collection to processing. Systematically and at each stage, we collect and analyze samples so as to guarantee food safety and products quality.


Quality : Our quality policy is a major component of our corporate culture. The inherent quality of milk is made with our breeders’ know-how, the environment and the cow feeding. The industrial expertise, confirmed by our numerous certifications (in particular ISO 9001, IFS, BRC), guarantees a remarkable level of quality for all our products, technically and tastefully.


Sustainability : Our farms follow sustainable breeding best practices. In that way, biodiversity, a main key for the cows fee - ding, is preserved with the maintained meadows.

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Coeur de Normandy has a strong identity with local roots, expressed through 4 key symbols.

The Cows : Essential for us, they are both our mascots, and they give their excellent milk for our products.

The Heart : It proves how much we love our job and land and how much Coeur de Normandy loves you with its quality products. Tasting Coeur de Normandy products means: pamper yourself at it deserves !

The Flag : It represents France, our native country, a land of milk: a local production with humansized farms, a diversity of dairy products which symbolized the history, the wealth and the future of our regions, in the respect of traditions and at the cutting edge of innovation.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel : Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, and the second most visited monument in France after the Eiffel Tower, Mont-Saint-Michel is both the symbol of Normandy and of our brand. Between sand, sea and green meadows, it symbolizes our timeless roots in this region. It is one of the Norman treasures.

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The expertise of the cooperative "Les Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin" is demonstrated by the green pastures where we raise our cows and our state-of-the-art industrial facilities, all of which leads to superior quality milk.

We have been raising our cows in the traditional way for generations. They benefit from an exceptional living environment and feed that gives the milk a unique and authentic taste.

In our farms, cows are milked twice a day. Their milk is stored in refrigerated tanks at 4°C, whose temperature is controlled to ensure the freshness and quality of the milk. Then, the milk is collected every 48 hours to be delivered to our state-of-the-art factories located nearby, where milk is controlled from collection to process.

Our mastery of industrial food technologies combined with this ancestral know-how enables us to guarantee the inimitable taste of our products as well as their food safety. We also have numerous certifications (ISO 9001, IFS, BRC), guaranteeing that all our products meet strict quality requirements, both in terms of organoleptic properties and when it comes to our industrial processes.

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At Coeur de Normandy we attach great importance to the development of our recipes, in order to ensure the taste and nutritional quality of our products.

Recipes developed according 3 priorities :

Unique taste : Delicious and tasty products to treat yourself and to share .... or not!

Naturals Flavours : On each recipe, we use natural flavours which are associated with our tasty Normandy milk.

Exceptional Knowledge : Those dairy skills were passed down from generation to generation so we proudly use them in combination with the cutting-edge industrial expertise which insures quality throughout the process.